Trax Marketing Consultancy

Our team

At Trax, we believe our people are our most valuable resource, they make the difference! That’s why we’re dedicated to recruiting, training and retaining the best field teams in the industry. Our team of collaborative retail marketing experts understands the challenges facing today’s retail marketers from the inside out.
We will help you save hassle of recruiting, training and employing individuals to represent your brand. If outsourcing your Field Marketing requirements sounds appealing then this is the solution for you.Our team delivers strategically-driven solutions.

Trax provides different levels of talents to meet each client’s unique needs:

  • Promoters
  • Field Marketing Executive
  • Field Marketing Manager
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Market Development Manager
In order to meet the full spectrum of campaign needs and budget requirements, Trax utilizes strategic relationships in order to deploy teams where appropriate. Contact us to find out how we can help you build a custom demographical model to meet your requirements.

What Can you expect with Trax?

Increase sales, turnover and profit whilst saving your time and money. Our teams are out there identifying, reacting to, and increasing market share for well-known brands right now!
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