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Roadshow management

Deciding upon a roadshow can be a cost-effective method of creating buzz and hype for your brand. The advantage of a road show is its mobility and therefore the sense of freedom and flexibility that trade shows don’t offer.

What's in it For You?

Trax Marketing Consultancy can offer you a few thoughts on what marketers can gain from running a roadshow:

  • Meeting clients in person can help shorten the sales cycle
  • A roadshow provides valuable brand exposure, getting your name in front of clients in a variety of locations
  • It provides great public relations and integrated marketing opportunities
  • There’s always the flexibility to arrange a return trip to a particular location
  • ROI is easier to measure because it can be defined by location therefore providing valuable market data
At Trax, Roadshow are a popular option with many of our clients. We can assure you of a strategically planned and well-executed event due to our high level of expertise in this area. We set goals with our clients and we create key performance indicators (KPI’s) to measure success. The majority of the sales people involved in our roadshow agree that mobile tours had a significant impact on their ability to close business.
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