Trax Marketing Consultancy

What We Do

Trax Marketing Consultancy has a proven track record in developing trade campaigns that effectively target category buyers, utilizing the most suitable and cost effective media available. We service clients in the highly competitive Retail, IT, Mobile Communications and Luxury Goods sectors where only the most innovative advertising and packaging can capture consumer attention and position a brand as a leader in the retail environment. With more than 10 years of experience Trax continue to apply a proven methodology and comprehensive development process. Creative vision is driven by in-depth product knowledge, competitive analysis, and well-defined marketing data to ensure that individual project and overall promotional objectives are met.  We invest in our client partnerships by gaining a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ products, competitive advantages, and sales channels. Whether we are retained on a per-project or annual contract basis, we are committed to maintaining long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships.

During times of economic change where consumers will alter their buying patterns the use of Field Marketing techniques such as In-store Demonstrations, Compliance & Audits and Merchandising are more important than ever before.

How can outsourcing your Field Marketing requirements benefit your organization?

  • You are short on resources preventing you from focusing on real-time market developments
  • Your competitor is gaining leverage at an alarming speed
  • Or, you may be looking to launch your product/ increase your sales/ develop your brand presence in an emerging market

Whether you have a specific challenge which needs close attention, or you are in need of additional resources, we can help. Trax Marketing Consultancy are specialists in providing value-added & innovative field marketing services.