Trax Marketing Consultancy

Demonstration & Sampling

Did you know that nearly three-quarters of all purchase decisions are made in-store?

Demonstration Activities and Product Sampling has been proven to greatly enhance brand awareness and increase sales revenues after just a single day’s activity. Can you afford not to try a Demo or Sampling activity for your next campaign?

As Brand Ambassadors for your product we can provide you with key information and reports post activity such as:

  • number of customers spoken to and awareness of the product
  • number of samples distributed/ demonstrations conducted
  • age and gender of consumers most interested in the product
  • aspects of the product customers find most appealing
  • variants of/ competitor products customers find most appealing
  • similar products currently purchased by customers
  • likelihood of purchasing the product
  • stock counts of product (before and after activity)

Benefits of In-Store Demonstration and Sampling

  • Achieve trial with potential customers
  • Build brand awareness
  • Activate brand switching
  • Generate first-time buyers
  • Drive sales
  • Influence repeat purchases
  • Assess customer reaction (to product and promotion)
  • Reward customer loyalty

Trax Marketing Consultancy has achieved outstanding results for our clients’ through sampling and demonstration activities.  We are happy to help you to determine the potential growth this type of activity could create for your brand.