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Gifts & Giveaways


From advertising gifts to trade show giveaways, we can fulfill your promotional advertising merchandise from your premium to your economical requirements. Our promo specialists are problem solvers. Need a quick turnaround? Trax will provide you with giveaway suggestions to match your theme. We also take care of printing and engraving and we deliver your products on time.

Trade Show Giveaways – Rules for Success

Trade Shows are abundant with a range of promotional giveaway items. Gifts can really help to create a favorable impression, though how many promotional giveaways actually do an effective job? Here are some tips which will help with your ROI when considering giveaway items for your exhibition.

Define Your Audience: Have a focused objective in relation to your trade show giveaway. Consider having different gifts for key customers, prospects, and general attendees.

Set Your Objective: Trade show giveaway items should enhance your brand recognition, communicate a message, or motivate an action.

Choose items carefully: Your company image is reflected in whatever you choose to give away. From premium to low-cost items it is important that you create the right impression in line with your brand vision.

Include Your Message: Have your message imprinted on the item with your company name, logo, and phone number. You never know when in the future the giveaway may result in a new customer.

Set a Budget: Quality, quantity, and special orders, all impact the price. Establish a budget as part of your exhibition marketing plan. Consider ordering the same item for several different shows. The greater the quantity of your order, the lower the individual unit price.

Pre-Qualify & Qualify: Develop an incentive plan which rewards your visitors accordingly. Email Campaigns prior to the event could offer tokens as a means of attracting visitors to your stand and subsequently rewarding them with a gift depending on their level of involvement.

Create a Sales Incentive: How can your trade show giveaway directly help future sales? Develop a tie-in whereby your prospect wants to contact you again.

Inform Your Target Audience: Innovative trade show giveaways can create an opportunity for advance PR. You can actively help to draw prospects to your booth prior to the event by teasing them with the promise of an attractive gift.

Track your Efforts: Establish a tracking mechanism to measure the success of your trade show. Post-show follow-up could ask for feedback in relation to giveaways.